Living Nightmares?


I have an overactive imagination and can come up with all sorts of storylines to leave readers unsettled. I even joke about how I help to keep therapists employed because folks seek their counseling services following the tales I weave.

But I say that as a joke.

I’d much rather make you THINK than to give you bad dreams. The problem is, stories of supernatural monsters and creepy situations aside, there are some actual nightmares being had during the waking hours.

Yesterday, several members of a synagogue were murdered simply for being Jewish. One was a Holocaust survivor. In another city, two black people met a similar fate due to the color of their skin. They were both grandparents and one had recently retired from years of service with the Veterans Administration.

Amazing. Thoughtless. And sadly, American.

There is something fundamentally wrong with a country that is supposed to be the shining example of how united we could be, regardless of things like race, religion, or sexual preference. Yet, for all the technological advancements, for every probe we’ve sent into space, and for the strides we have made, we keep falling flat.

It’s a fucking shame.

I wrote a similar post a few years ago when a young white kid shot a bunch of people in their house of worship, simply for being black. Like the folks at the synagogue and the shoppers, they weren’t plotting some nefarious takeover. They weren’t molesting kids or poisoning anyone’s drinking water. They were just living peacefully.

The stuff I put on paper has limits. It seems like the real live monsters who live, breathe, and walk among us, do not.

Read books like The Turner Diaries and watch how acts of domestic terror and real live horror keeps being enacted with real blood and actual death. I can’t make that sort of shit up…

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