Black AND White: Healing for the Racial Divide?


I am not a preacher (yet). I’m sure I curse too much for that position, but my words are passionate and heartfelt. That said, America is fuckin’ up. And when I say the country, I actually mean the people contained within the borders of this great social experiment that presently seems to be going awry.

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. I tend to lean more toward other teachings, but I understand why he was so willing to give his life for that dream. Though looked at as rather docile when compared to Malcolm X, the man had come full circle before his assassination.

But I’m not here to speak on the teachings of X or MLK. I am writing to say that I attended an awesome concert of Earth, Wind & Fire and Chicago. Both bands are bad as hell and attracted a crowd of almost 20,000 music lovers to the same venue. As I looked toward the stage over people of every stripe, I realized something: we were united there with no fighting, no drama, and no bullshit. We were just there to watch a great show. And of course, the crowd went wild when both bands converged on the stage to do the last third of the concert together. Did I mention those cats were bad as hell?

A friend of mine recently asked if I believed a race war was inevitable. I told him that I hoped it was not. I know a bunch of clowns are trying to make it so. That white kid who slaughtered the black parishioners in that Carolina church was trying to kick off a race war. In retaliation, the black (ex-)reporter murdered two of his former white colleagues. Amazing and sad how racists love to target innocent, unarmed targets…

If there’s a God in the heavens (and I assure you, there is), I guarantee He didn’t create us to divide us. That’s a mankind thing that has been perpetuated from one generation to the next. If you peeled our skins back (and trust me, I could easily pen a horror story in which something like that happens), you’ll see we’re all pink beneath the epidermis. We all bleed when you cut us and everyone has to sit to take a shit. Oh, and none of us are immortal, meaning none of us are God.

I’m not saying we should ignore stupidity and accept assault. NO! I am saying that there should be more that unites us than divides us. It’s sad that, with all our technological advancements and accomplishments, we can’t seem to work this basic issue out. I’ll tell you one thing: if we don’t, we’re fucked. We’re already doomed to fall like all other great empires that preceded and will eventually follow. Why rush it? What if we were able to make this great social experiment actually WORK?!

Be proud of what you are and from whence your forefathers came. If you showed up to see Earth, Wind & Fire, cool. If you bought tickets to enjoy Chicago, good. However, realize that the last part of the concert, where both bands, one black, one white, take the stage, is the BEST part of the entire thing. You see, even though we may look a little different, we can still make beautiful music together.

‘Nuf said.