Definition of Destiny


Today is the 18th anniversary of the September 11 Attacks. If we’re old enough to have been around and not in diapers, we all have a story of what we were doing the moment we watched the second plane hit the Twin Towers. The realization and the horror of it not being an accident was like a nightmare come to life. For this generation, it was our version of Pearl Harbor.

I had just gotten out of the military after almost 13 years of active service and had no intention of going back to finish up that career. Instead, I had taken to working several sales jobs and was actually miserable doing so. There were large-screen televisions throughout the call center where I was working. With the news constantly and quietly running on all monitors during the work day, we were all watching when it happened.

For some, it changed their lives temporarily. However, for me, it meant one thing: going back in and doing my part. It redefined my grind and reminded me that my destiny was something bigger than I’d expected.

Today, we will remember. Tomorrow, allow that memory to realize and redefine your purpose.

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A Gentleman’s Revolution



Back in the day, men were gentlemen and women were ladies. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost that and men are overgrown boys, sagging their pants and gripping their Lyndon B. Johnsons to prove they have one; women have devolved into hoochies who think the video vixen and porn star are the apex of culture.

The saying goes, “Ladies First,” but I’m wondering what would happen if men took the initial step and began acting more like gentlemen.  I’m not talking Sir Walter Raleigh (if you don’t know, look it up) or anything that deep, but what if men:

– Took off their hats when they entered an establishment?

– Held the door when they saw a lady approach?

– Actually intervened when they saw an abusive situation happening in public (my cousin recently saw a man kick his woman in the back while at WalMart; I envisioned two muscle-headed cats beating the brakes off his punk ass)?

– Stood up when a lady entered the room?

– Stopped using foul language in the presence of ladies (a lyric comes to mind from an old Staples Singers song: “You curse around women and you don’t even know their name / and you’re dumb enough to think that it makes you a big old man…”)?

– Asked his lady her opinion, actually wanting to hear the response?

Gents, what do you think would happen in our own relationships?  Ladies, what would you think?  For both sexes, what else should be added to this list?

I have a lot of growing to do myself. However, I’m considering trying this on for size. Pass on the idea of a Gentleman’s Revolution and let’s see what happens.  I’m curious to see if it would change some things.



Programmed are ye zealots who accept anything “just becauseth” without checking the facts for thyselves.