How Much Do You Believe?


If it took no discipline, time, or energy to accomplish, everyone would be writing books. But that also goes for just about everything else, too. It takes the true belief in yourself that you can accomplish what you set out to do and that you have a unique perspective to share.

I am not the first person to ever decide to write. I may never be able to claim the success of more famous authors but that’s not what drives me. What propels me to spend hours by myself, developing characters and building worlds in which they inhabit is not the desire for fame, glory, or riches. Now, don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t mind becoming renowned and be able to live comfortably from my creative output. However, it’s not why I do what I do.

There was a line from a movie, delivered in Sean Connery’s Scottish brogue, in which he replies to Nicholas Cage’s promise to do his best. “Losers always talk about doing their best.” On the same token, Yoda’s reply to Luke’s whining about his attempt to accomplish was zen-like and simple: “There is no try, only do.” Ain’t that the truth!

The rubber meets the road when it comes to having faith in yourself. If you set out to do something that’s worth doing, plan it out and attack it passionately everyday. Be willing to learn and get around the people who are achieving the goals you’d like to accomplish. However, never envy someone else’s life. God is good enough and the universe is designed to allow you to get whatever it is you set your mind and actions to.

The journey to losing those love handles (I, myself, am working to lose an entire orgy!), to gaining financial independence, to telling your stories comes down to the core of what you really believe you can do. If you believe you can lose the weight, you’ll begin regulating your food intake and committing to an exercise regimen. The results won’t be evident right away.

Goal-setting and affirmation are key to the process of reprogramming your mind. My suggestion is to check out Nicole Decandas’s book, I Affirm Today.

As for me, I have books to write and adventures upon which to embark. When I finally begin to power down and end this life, not only will I have a literary legacy in place, but the only regrets I want to die with are stuff like having not gone to Paris for the umpteenth time, having not taken that other cruise, and having gotten caught, as a spry, 105-year-old man, running out of the home of a rather willing 25-year-old who didn’t tell me she had a jealous boyfriend! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Jokes aside, believe in yourself and you can do most anything. We were told that as kids but many of us have forgotten all the books we were read, the cartoons we watched and, if we were really fortunate, the mentors and family members who bombarded us constantly. It’s time to rediscover what you can achieve. And that journey begins by allowing your faith to influence your first step.

Now, go do it!!!

Transcending the 8-Hour Workday and Embracing the Hu$tle


Good Things Come to Those

Ever wonder why people come to our country from foreign lands and make out better than we do? It’s because, by comparison from whence many of them have come, America’s street’s truly are paved with gold. The difference is their point of view. They see the opportunity of being able create several streams of income, whereas we make excuses with empty pockets.

In the United States, most of us experience challenges unique to the First World (I wrote about this in a previous blog post called Zero World Problems). To the average person surviving in the upper middle class, the WiFi connection going down is a major game changer. Typically, within a few blocks or miles of our comfortable homes, some people are sorting through trashcans and living in boxes.

Regardless of who takes the Presidency or which two teams are going to the Super Bowl, I believe that most of us can transcend our existences and actually LIVE, provided we see things outside our traditional jobs. You see, a job (which to some is an acronym for “just over broke”) is there to take care of basic necessities: food; shelter; clothing; modes of transportation. However, I think when the work day ends, the hu$tle should begin.

Here’s the typical day for the average American:

  • Get up in the morning to go to a job we can’t stand
  • Sit around at said job bitching, complaining, and wishing we were somewhere else
  • Return home to gripe some more about what went on at work
  • Eat dinner, usually in front of the TV; still murmering about the job during commercial breaks
  • Go to bed only to start the cycle all over again
  • Pray for the weekends which tend to pass too quickly

However, by slightly changing our point of view, this is how it goes:

  • Get up in the morning to fulfill our work day
  • Because we’re grateful to be working, we do our jobs while imagining the day our side gigs will allow us the opportunity to choose to how we go about making our money
  • Return home ready to start investing in one or more hu$tles
  • Sometimes, dinner is on the run or doesn’t happen at all because we’re grinding
  • Go to bed, sometimes a little late; dream about the future we’re forging for ourselves
  • See our weekends as an opportunity to get more things done

Let’s face it: America is the new Rome. Our empire is the dominant super-power and we’ve become lazy. We allow ourselves to be spoon-fed heaping helpings of processed foods and hours of mind-numbing TV, while imagining more ways to waste our money on the latest technological upgrades. We sleep too much, eat too much, and complain too damn much. We’re more concerned with building someone else’s dream instead of defining and realizing our own.

Ask yourself: If I carve two hours out of my day to build my own business and invest in my family’s future, where will I end up 5 years from now? 10 years? 25 years? Is my legacy one of excuses and gripes or of freedom from unnecessary debt and financial security? What do I want to pass on to my kids, nieces, nephews, and godchildren?

I am writing this on a glorified three-day holiday weekend. While everyone else is scrambling over what to bring to the barbecue and which teams will be playing, I’m moving my figurative chess pieces forward. Not knocking sports or good food, but I have a dream to build and a destiny to fulfill. You should be doing the same.

The dream is free. The hu$tle is sold separately.

Get hu$tlin’.

Off the Top of My Head: The Diamond Mind

There’s a problem with fools who don’t realize the potential value in uncut diamonds. They tend to get caught up in praising dirty chunks of pyrite-inflected concrete and glorifying petrified pieces of shit, thinking they’ve struck gold.
Those of us who have tried in vain to school the ignorant can only shake our heads, cherish our pocketful of precious stones, and keep it moving. After all, there is little time to waste in this life when there are so many treasures yet to discover.
Capable of producing both gems and a bunch of rubble, our minds are our mines. Be wary of what you present and put on a pedestal. Mind your mine and mind your business.

Time Lottery


This is something I just came up with and wanted to use to get you to thinking.

You just won the lottery. However, the jackpot isn’t one of money, per se. Here’s how it would work:

For a period of one year, you will be free of distractions. Anything that causes unnecessary drama in your life will be put on hold. You will not work your current job, but you will still be paid the same amount. Your bills will be paid automatically–no need to call for extensions, late payments, etc. Your vehicle, if needed, will be upgraded to the same make and model. Your rent will be take care of. Your groceries will be brought to your door. You can come and go as you please and are not limited in that regard.

HOWEVER, the lottery does not suddenly grant you the life of your dreams. THAT part is up to YOU!

Considering all your talents, gifts, abilities, creative ideas, etc., how would you live for that year? How would you make use of your time each day? What would you accomplish by the end of that 12 months?



Our lives are a culmination of what we make or allow to happen. I’d venture to guess that about 90% of what happens has a lot to do with what we did to bring it about.

If you meet a person who is ALWAYS broke, it’s probably not that they cannot make the money they need; it’s likely that they are bad with financial decisions and have come to accept that they can live with the results of that.

The above example was Yours Truly. I have made some horrible money decisions, primarily based on the fear of not having enough. Had to take responsibility, change my mindset, do some reading, and make the necessary changes.

What you allow is what will come to define you. If you let people walk all over you, you’re probably going to have a string of bad personal and professional relationships. Your love life will lack. Your friendships will be shaky, at best.

I am becoming more audacious as time goes by. I walk circumspectly (that’s the big word of the day, LOL!), constantly reviewing my existence, in order to learn, grow, and make the needed improvements. The older I get, the lower tolerance I have for BS–including my own!

The Bible says time and chance happens to everyone. We don’t have a say in the hand we are dealt. However, any good player of cards or dominoes can work even the poorest hand to an advantage.

As long as you’re learning, you’ll never lose. The loser is the one that lets frustration override and emotion dictate. Frustration fades; emotion changes like the weather. It’s time to learn, define, master, and DOMINATE.

Losing is for losers.