REAL Men Tough it Out: a Father’s Day Well-Wish

I'm Da Pappy
Yeah, yeah, it’s Father’s Day again. This is probably one of the most underwhelming holidays of the year, hanging out next to the likes of Arbor Day. That’s because SO many of us males (being gifted with a penis alone does not make one a man) would rather break camp than raise our seeds.
News Flash: Not a SINGLE dude I’ve met has EVER been angry when in the act of making a baby. Why not take that same passion to raise the child born of that union?
If some women are a trip (okay, they’re ALL a trip in some way, but fellas, I’m sure we bring our own brand of psychosis to the table), then an angry woman is a cruiseliner going through the 7th circle of Hell. Babymamadrama should be listed as either justification for drug abuse or the treatment thereof! LMAO!
I’m just being facetious, as usual. Ladies are beautiful and can do something we men wouldn’t wanna do on our best or worse day: nurture life to full term. I love women, but I do not envy all the heavy lifting it takes to pull off their ballet with grace and style.
But I’m not here to talk about mothers. They’ve already had their day. This is about fathers being WORTHY of being called “Daddy” on a day like this.
The fun part goes into the act of making the baby. Our responsibility kicks in with the provision, protection, and development part. It’s often thankless and easily overlooked until years down the road, when a child is running wild with no boundaries. It’s amazing what the bass of a booming voice and the looming threat of physical discipline from a father can do for a kid.
Fathers, love your babies. It doesn’t matter whether or not you get along with the mother anymore. You both seemed to agree on at least ONE thing. Agree on what’s best for the rearing of the child(ren) thereafter. It’s about more than how we feel.
Happy Dad’s Day to all those men who tough it out everyday, regardless of whether or not you get the pat on the back. If you’re doing a good job, make it a great one; if you’re slipping in the polls, get your shyt together and make good on your contract. That’s right: making a child has contractual obligations that go beyond legalities! It’s the most rewarding thing you’ll probably never be thanked for.
Parting thought, before I drop this mic: If you F***ed around, you should’ve STUCK around! That’s how REAL men get the job done!
*Feedback as mic hits the floor. Walks off stage like Richard Pryor at the end of Which Way is Up*



Charleston 9

With the Tate-LaBianca Murders, Charles Manson was attempting to kick off a racial armageddon. The idea was to commit those heinous crimes, pin it on black people, getting white folks so wound up, a race war would break out. As if the ’60s and every other decade before it weren’t enough.

From what I’ve read, the young man who murdered the people in their house of worship was doing so because blacks rape their women, deal drugs, etc. There are plenty of people of EVERY stripe dealing in that sort of dirt–it’s not specific to any one “race.” But imagine this: he went into a place where people were working out their souls’ salvation and trying to live upright…to murder them because THEY are raping women, dealing drugs, etc.?!

Then, to pour salt into that wound, there are people hailing that Nimrod as some sort of HERO?!


Sounds like the Day of the Rope from ‘The Turner Diaries’ to me!

You would think that, in this great, so-called melting pot of ours, in the year 2015, we would have put all the racism aside (from ALL sides).

Hell to the NO.

The crime is murder. Whether it was an obviously-pregnant Sharon Tate who was repeatedly stabbed while her killers said, “We have no sympathy for your baby, bitch!” or 9 worshippers shot to death during church service, the crime is STILL murder. Death of the innocent at someone else’s hand is a travesty, no matter the color of the victim. However, with race being the motivating factor in California (circa 1969) and South Carolina (circa 2015), it shows how far we have NOT come as an American people.

I am gaining a better understanding of how empires fall when rotting away from the inside. This country has been on a nihilistic mission to rip itself apart since its inception. It is doing a stellar job.

Welcome to Babylon.



Our lives are a culmination of what we make or allow to happen. I’d venture to guess that about 90% of what happens has a lot to do with what we did to bring it about.

If you meet a person who is ALWAYS broke, it’s probably not that they cannot make the money they need; it’s likely that they are bad with financial decisions and have come to accept that they can live with the results of that.

The above example was Yours Truly. I have made some horrible money decisions, primarily based on the fear of not having enough. Had to take responsibility, change my mindset, do some reading, and make the necessary changes.

What you allow is what will come to define you. If you let people walk all over you, you’re probably going to have a string of bad personal and professional relationships. Your love life will lack. Your friendships will be shaky, at best.

I am becoming more audacious as time goes by. I walk circumspectly (that’s the big word of the day, LOL!), constantly reviewing my existence, in order to learn, grow, and make the needed improvements. The older I get, the lower tolerance I have for BS–including my own!

The Bible says time and chance happens to everyone. We don’t have a say in the hand we are dealt. However, any good player of cards or dominoes can work even the poorest hand to an advantage.

As long as you’re learning, you’ll never lose. The loser is the one that lets frustration override and emotion dictate. Frustration fades; emotion changes like the weather. It’s time to learn, define, master, and DOMINATE.

Losing is for losers.