Welcome to the Orwellian Nightmare of the Twilight Zone…but Watch Your Ass



I imagine a scene in which Rod Serling is standing in a corner, tight-lipped, being broadcast in black and white. In his clipped way of speaking, he introduces the viewers to another dimension. In that world, the laws of common sense are out the window and a skewed perspective has taken their place.

The alternate reality is one in which hyper-violent images flood the screens of every television, computer, and media device. We see corrupt law enforcement officials abuse the power that was granted them to serve and protect its citizens.

People of color, especially black men, are in the crosshairs. There is video footage of unarmed individuals being unnecessarily pepper-sprayed and shot down with folks dying mysteriously while in police custody. But there is always some justifiable reason. Dirty cops are almost guaranteed to get off and most viewers have been brainwashed to declare it business as usual.

We have gone one step beyond. The zone we have entered is that area of nightmare, marked by rapid eye movement, just beneath the surface of waking. It’s a place George Orwell predicted, where the inmates have become their own wardens, and refuse to leave. It’s where we can watch video footage of a white policeman rape a 15-year-old girl and not see it as a racist act; of course, he’ll be considered innocent on all charges until proven guilty.

As a horror author, I can describe many cringe-worthy scenes and flesh out nefarious characters that haunt bad dreams. However, the terror to which we have become numb is worse than any lumbering ghoul or bloodsucking vampire I could create. We have descended into a hell that bonds social experimentation with the police state.

But do not attempt to adjust your television. There is absolutely nothing wrong.

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