Protesting Winter, Even in the Dog Days of Summer



I hate cold weather. In that regard, you could probably call me the Grinch.

Love Christmas. I just hate the friggin’ cold.

Believe it or not, there is a such thing as too damn hot. The Dog Days are no joke. Temperatures are so extreme, it makes the average person wanna unzip their skin and just walk around as skeletons.

It’s that hot outside right now.

Most folks bitch when it’s too cold, wishing for summer. When the hot weather arrives, they moan about wishing it was winter again.

Not me. I’d take summer all year long.

Where I live now, the colder months are typically not too bad. The snow only sticks and is substantial every few years.

Still, I hate the cold. Hell, I’d protest icicles, snowballs, black ice, frigid temps, and anything else having to do with the colder months. I would protest, but it’s too chilly outside then.

If someone said that taking December, January, and February off the calendar completely would mean never having another Christmas, I’d be sad. But I’d have some great memories.

Only get lumps of coal now, anyway.

It’s August now and the Dog Days are not letting up. Yeah, it’s hotter than I like but it sure beats the alternative. Feels like the sun is leaning on a brother.

Still, fuck cold weather, man. Bring on the inferno.


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