Fool’s Gold


Cereal Killer

Okay, I’ve got to be honest with you: I love breakfast cereal. I have been guilty of having a bowl as a snack or even in lieu of a proper dinner (only when it’s leftovers). Though I’ve made more a switch to “sensible, more adult” stuff like granola and raisin bran, I am a sucker for the likes of Peanut Butter Crunch.

Imagine this: a five star restaurant in which cereal is the main course. The wait staff is dressed and made up like clowns and whimsical carnival music plays in the background.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

What makes more sense is to have a posh, romantic dinner at a chop house. There is an appetizer served to allow the patrons something to munch on while the entrees are being prepared. It takes a while, but when that main course arrives, it’s worth it: a healthy portion of the chosen protein (steak? pork chops? fish? poultry?) cooked to perfection, served with a starch (rice pilaf? baked or mashed potatoes?), and vegetables (steamed broccoli? carrots? asparagus?). Once that is done, some fancy dessert is brought out with espresso as a finish.

THAT makes sense!

The former (the finest spheres of peanut butter flavored deliciousness floating in an obsidian bowl of chilled almond milk) would make for a great comedic tale (Note to Self: write a story in which there is a fine dining establishment in an alternate reality that serves breakfast cereal), but wouldn’t do much for the real world. The latter, however, with its visions of grilled salmon steaks (pardon me whilst I wipe the drool from my lips) is what gets my mouth to watering. The former is good for a snack but the latter provides the full Monty of what the body wants and needs: sustenance.

During the California Gold Rush, people were tricked when they found nuggets of pyrite. Oh, it looked the part: a yellowish, slightly shiny metal, but it wasn’t the real thing. What those unfortunate miners had discovered came to be known as fool’s gold.

Much like a bowl of cereal, it’s not meant to truly sustain. It satisfies the desire for something sweet and crunchy, but should not be mistaken for an actual meal (Note to Self: no Cap’n Crunch for dinner tonight, dammit!).

To achieve the best in life, we need to have a distinguishing eye that can tell the difference between something we just want and something we actually need. Many folks wind up leaving the latter for the former, trading in a largely untapped fortune for polished nuggets of bullshit.

Just ask the man who recently lost a good wife who loved him for the curvaceous, pretty young thang that had nothing to offer but the thrill of what was between her legs. News Flash: he probably had better at home.

Trading random pieces of ass for a person who truly loves you and supports your dream is like cherishing cubic zirconia when you have diamonds. Friendships that have outdated themselves, career moves down dead end streets, and wasting time can also be the same type of decision.

It’s up to you to figure out the difference between temporary pleasure and real treasure. Porterhouse or Peanut Butter Crunch? The choice is yours.


One thought on “Fool’s Gold

  1. Deacon J Reid

    Well said Capt. And you are absolutely correct, most of the time we(society) will chase after the red laser dot on the floor like a cat or a dog. It’s the fascination of the new and better yet the unknown which drives us bonkers. Think about it and you said it, the P.Y.T., may have the curves of the Devils whip (my two wheelers understand), but that does not make her better than the valued trusted and vetted partner you call wifey…

    You know, one of the smartest men I have ever met was my father and used to tell me,”Son, even a diabetic can look st a vending machine”. My point is my brother, after the sex, what are you left with, but a pretty young thing that has no emotional bond with you and ultimately cannot help you when you are down. Truth be told, if your thinking about building a portfolio and she refers to it as support, then that’s not the drama you want.

    I said all of that to say, no matter how you dress them up, groom or polish them, they are just what you called them; Fools Gold…..

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