Conspiracy or Coincidence in 3/4 Time?



I think too much. But then, maybe I’m right where I should be.

Coming from the gun range yesterday, a friend and I were enjoying lunch while the radio was playing. One of the early MTV hits from the Fabulous Four came on. Of course, I’m not talking about the “Fab Four,” better known as the Beatles. I’m referring to the first black performers to get constant rotation on the channel: Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Lionel Richie.

It dawned on me that three of the four are gone, each of their deaths mysterious and controversial. All of them passed at a time that we would consider to be “too early” and under weird circumstances. Lionel is still here, which could mean one of three things:

  1. Absolutely nothing
  2. His life is in danger
  3. He may know something

Okay, I’ll admit that the latter theory is something to which I lent creative license. I briefly considered using this as basis for a satiric story…but then, there’s nothing funny about the passing of those maverick trendsetters. Being a fan of their works (remember, Lionel was once the head of the Commodores before he began to espouse Pop, and later, Country music) and what they accomplished, I couldn’t make a joke about their deaths.

But I can still pose the question: Is there some sort of connection?


2 thoughts on “Conspiracy or Coincidence in 3/4 Time?

  1. Deacon J Reid

    My dude, you know there is some validity to your theory. Let’s argue for a minute what your saying is correct and someone has thrown a Sabot in the works. The confusion of all of these high profile figures keeps our attention off of what’s really important. Life, finances and Liberty with the pursuit to happiness. The source of this weapon is the media by presenting the magic tricks of illusion. We are dazzled by the hype of superstardom and failed to see who’s running for office. And once it happened, it was too late. Now, your right, about Lionel, he knows something and has kept quite for some time now. Now that the parties have collected and presented there choices for representation, he now appears in commercials. Scratch your head on that one…

    • That’s a frightening way to think about it; what makes it truly scary is that it’s not so far-fetched. I seriously doubt the 3 of the 4 who have passed did so without any sort of conspiracy involved…maybe. I know that they all had issues with substance abuse and that’s what apparently took them out. Either way, it’s sad. Mike, Whitney, and His Purple Badness had much to do with the soundtrack of my youth…

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