2:40 (wisely invested) = $1 million


Image result for images of time is money hourglass

There is truth in the saying, “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.” It could also be a fact that time equates to money.

I grew up in church, learning to give 10% of my money to God’s house. However, I had to teach myself that I should also set aside 10% to invest in my future. The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, allots us all 24 hours each day, whether rich or poor. So, time is the great equalizer. It’s also the thing we can never get back.

Utilizing time wisely will make you wealthy…while wasting it can leave you destitute. If we weighed the hours of each day as a possible investment or forfeiture, we might make choices to maximize an ROI.

Or not.

That’s the amazing thing: how you spend (or waste) your time is completely up to YOU! Yeah, we can gripe about only having so many hours in a day, some of which go toward work (got to keep the lights on!), sleep, and spending time with family (that’s important). However, how much time do you spend watching funny internet videos? Aimlessly channel surfing? Messing around on social media out of boredom?

10% of a day is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Use the time to squeeze in that workout you say you never have time for (45 minutes); that book you never get to read (another 45 minutes); and that side hustle you keep making excuses for not building (1 hour); and making a daily journal entry on what you’re learning (the remaining 10 minutes). If you followed this simple formula, there would be nothing wasted and you probably could get back to watching that TV show or surfing the web.

Or you could just sit around and do what you’ve been doing all along. But ask yourself, how is that working for you?


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