Fatherhood: the Closest Thing to Immortality


Sleeping with Cairo

I’d imagined being a dad but never a grandfather. It’s the coolest thing and about as close to immortality as I’m probably going to get. All the fussing, diaper changing, drooling, teething, and throwing up all over my clean shirts is strangely worth it. Not to mention how, while sitting on my shoulders, he decided to baptize my head, face, and outfit. Nah, he’s not a baby from The Exorcist; he’s just my grandson.

Considering all the joy he’s brought me in his thus far brief existence, I can’t fathom how a father could willingly reduce himself to being just a sperm donor.

While watching a recent episode of Family Feud, the question was asked to name things men say they like but they actually hate. Among the answers were:

  • Chick flicks (with which I fully agree!)
  • Cooking (nah–I actually can throw down a little bit!)
  • Kids

My daughter immediately began laughing to the point of tears with that last response. “Well Daddy,” she said, “they could never say that about you!”

She went on to tell me about how, though they didn’t appreciate it when they were children themselves, I was the one to take them to the park, made it to just about every game, and was usually the one waiting outside some late team practice or job to pick them up, though I had to get up early the next day. She went on to admit that many of her friends never had the kind of relationship she and her brothers shared with me.

I come from a large family and, though the ladies were definitely an ever-present force, I had plenty of uncles, godfathers, and paternal figures who spent time with my cousins, siblings, and I as kids. Now, I can’t recall too many of those dudes changing diapers or sitting up late with the babies, but that was something I decided to take on in my role as a dad.

So, to all the deadbeats out there, you’re missing out! Assume the mantle and claim the TRUE essence of your manhood: finishing what you started! I don’t think any guy will say he hated the moment he deposited the seed, but too many want to shirk the aftermath and take on the responsibility. But that’s another blog post all its own…


2 thoughts on “Fatherhood: the Closest Thing to Immortality

  1. I’m blessed. I have the best Daddy. He worked oodles, but when he was home, he made a point of spending time with my siblings and me. He’s the best Grandpoppy, too. His love of children was unmistakable, and like your daughter, hearing that confession on the show would have made me laugh. Further, my maternal Grandfather adored his kids and grandkids, too, so I’m doubly blessed. 🙂 I love seeing daddies take time with their little -and grown! – ones.

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