MMA fighter Kimbo Slice died. Not that he was anywhere on the level of the likes of Ali, Bowie, Prince, Natalie Cole, Glenn Frey, or Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, but he’s gone. Celebrities are deep-sixing their asses up outta here and the common folk–our loved ones, friends, relatives–are doing the same in record numbers. Death is taking no holiday; life should not, either! I truly feel that we need to carpe fuckin’ diem and not mess around doing anything that does not line up with pursuing and building our dreams.


  1. Felicia DePina

    I absolutely couldn’t agree more. I thought it was just me noticing people are dropping like flies… And I don’t know why? Am I suddenly being more death conscious? Is the Internet getting so small that we are merely seeing more death? Or are the people we’re familiar with simply dying en masse? I’ve even found myself pondering “hey, what if this is the rapture?” In any of the above scenarios…we owe it to our own grown-assness to ride this biatch called life ’till the wheels fall off! Carpe Fucking Diem INDEED!!

    • Somebody posted something about this possibly being the Rapture on FB. It’s an odd thought, but there have been stranger concepts tabled, for sure. My Bronco sis, I’m going to take your concept of grown-assedness to the next step: it means making no excuses for not achieving those things we dared dreaming of as children. In fact, I’d dare say we actually grow to adulthood, gaining experiences and certifications (some being from unaccredited institutions, like the School of Hard Knocks) so that we CAN pursue our dreams to fulfillment. It’s a challenge to work through the muck and mire of life and its myriad of distractions (career, relationships, changes, school, paying bills, etc.) and still work on our dreams. However, as the song says, LIFE is but a DREAM. Let’s live it and dream it to the fullest!

      Thanks for chiming in! ❤ 🙂 ❤

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