The Virtue of Anger

Sometimes, being angry doesn’t mean directing bad feelings toward an individual or even a group of people. It doesn’t necessarily mean displaying a pissy or funky-ass attitude. Anger is the zero tolerance to withstand a shower of bullshyt when others swear everything is coming up roses. It is the determination to break the cycle of poverty, be it spiritual, mental, or financial. It is the intensity to overcome the gravity of an evil situation that has been holding you back or standing in your way. The builders, caretakers, proponents, and cheerleaders of said machinations can pucker up and kiss my taint.
So, does that make me an angry man? Damn straight it does!

2 thoughts on “The Virtue of Anger

  1. I agree. In old fashioned language, I believe this is called ‘righteous anger’. Anger with agency, expressed to cause change or to benefit the lives of others.

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