Time Lottery


This is something I just came up with and wanted to use to get you to thinking.

You just won the lottery. However, the jackpot isn’t one of money, per se. Here’s how it would work:

For a period of one year, you will be free of distractions. Anything that causes unnecessary drama in your life will be put on hold. You will not work your current job, but you will still be paid the same amount. Your bills will be paid automatically–no need to call for extensions, late payments, etc. Your vehicle, if needed, will be upgraded to the same make and model. Your rent will be take care of. Your groceries will be brought to your door. You can come and go as you please and are not limited in that regard.

HOWEVER, the lottery does not suddenly grant you the life of your dreams. THAT part is up to YOU!

Considering all your talents, gifts, abilities, creative ideas, etc., how would you live for that year? How would you make use of your time each day? What would you accomplish by the end of that 12 months?

4 thoughts on “Time Lottery

  1. Creative acts are like waffle batter. Normally, they drip past the other stuff that takes up our day – working for ‘the Man’ etc. – and filling up the gaps in between. With all the usual gunk out of the way for a year, you just get pure waffle, dripping with maple syrup and supercharged with yummy goodness. What’s not to like?
    Yeah, writing stories and novels, making and recording music, going on long walks to get the creative juices flowing and interacting with fans. I need to get me some of that.

    • Creativity is AWESOME! I’d spend a LOT more time devoting myself to writing and would even get back to drawing (something I all but gave up 18 years ago). Oh, and I LOVE a good waffle! LOL!

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