REAL Men Tough it Out: a Father’s Day Well-Wish

I'm Da Pappy
Yeah, yeah, it’s Father’s Day again. This is probably one of the most underwhelming holidays of the year, hanging out next to the likes of Arbor Day. That’s because SO many of us males (being gifted with a penis alone does not make one a man) would rather break camp than raise our seeds.
News Flash: Not a SINGLE dude I’ve met has EVER been angry when in the act of making a baby. Why not take that same passion to raise the child born of that union?
If some women are a trip (okay, they’re ALL a trip in some way, but fellas, I’m sure we bring our own brand of psychosis to the table), then an angry woman is a cruiseliner going through the 7th circle of Hell. Babymamadrama should be listed as either justification for drug abuse or the treatment thereof! LMAO!
I’m just being facetious, as usual. Ladies are beautiful and can do something we men wouldn’t wanna do on our best or worse day: nurture life to full term. I love women, but I do not envy all the heavy lifting it takes to pull off their ballet with grace and style.
But I’m not here to talk about mothers. They’ve already had their day. This is about fathers being WORTHY of being called “Daddy” on a day like this.
The fun part goes into the act of making the baby. Our responsibility kicks in with the provision, protection, and development part. It’s often thankless and easily overlooked until years down the road, when a child is running wild with no boundaries. It’s amazing what the bass of a booming voice and the looming threat of physical discipline from a father can do for a kid.
Fathers, love your babies. It doesn’t matter whether or not you get along with the mother anymore. You both seemed to agree on at least ONE thing. Agree on what’s best for the rearing of the child(ren) thereafter. It’s about more than how we feel.
Happy Dad’s Day to all those men who tough it out everyday, regardless of whether or not you get the pat on the back. If you’re doing a good job, make it a great one; if you’re slipping in the polls, get your shyt together and make good on your contract. That’s right: making a child has contractual obligations that go beyond legalities! It’s the most rewarding thing you’ll probably never be thanked for.
Parting thought, before I drop this mic: If you F***ed around, you should’ve STUCK around! That’s how REAL men get the job done!
*Feedback as mic hits the floor. Walks off stage like Richard Pryor at the end of Which Way is Up*

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