Our lives are a culmination of what we make or allow to happen. I’d venture to guess that about 90% of what happens has a lot to do with what we did to bring it about.

If you meet a person who is ALWAYS broke, it’s probably not that they cannot make the money they need; it’s likely that they are bad with financial decisions and have come to accept that they can live with the results of that.

The above example was Yours Truly. I have made some horrible money decisions, primarily based on the fear of not having enough. Had to take responsibility, change my mindset, do some reading, and make the necessary changes.

What you allow is what will come to define you. If you let people walk all over you, you’re probably going to have a string of bad personal and professional relationships. Your love life will lack. Your friendships will be shaky, at best.

I am becoming more audacious as time goes by. I walk circumspectly (that’s the big word of the day, LOL!), constantly reviewing my existence, in order to learn, grow, and make the needed improvements. The older I get, the lower tolerance I have for BS–including my own!

The Bible says time and chance happens to everyone. We don’t have a say in the hand we are dealt. However, any good player of cards or dominoes can work even the poorest hand to an advantage.

As long as you’re learning, you’ll never lose. The loser is the one that lets frustration override and emotion dictate. Frustration fades; emotion changes like the weather. It’s time to learn, define, master, and DOMINATE.

Losing is for losers.


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