Get Busy Writing…Dammit!



We’re at the crossroads of the year, standing on the verge of summer. What have you written? I REALLY want to know (HINT: For the daft, dumb and those slow on the uptake, this is a genuine invitation to share your experience).

As for me, I’ve had quite the year so far. Procrastination and constant work aside, I’ve managed to get a few things done in the writing arena. As of the time that I am posting this, I have one novel published and four stories (so far) that will be included in anthologies this year:

1. Dead Assets – an expanded 2nd edition of my zombie horror novel, originally released in 2012
2. “Everyday Heroes” – co-authored with Pamela Murray, for Writers’ Anarchy III: Heroes & Villains
3. “Fingerprints” – dark fiction/horror, for Darkly Never After
4. “Sugar Weasels in Pants, Damn You” – comedic poem, written as Prolific Knucklehead, for Panthology
5. “Blood Tribe” – horror, for Sins of the Past

Not bad at all, but I still have more work to accomplish. Those were just warm-ups for what else the year holds.

Some time ago, I contacted horror author Brandon Massey and got some great advice from him. Paraphrasing, he said that a key to success was constant output—following one project up with another. It’s the kind of ubiquity Stephen King has achieved in the literary world and Prince has shown musically.

It helps to have a team of qualified cheerleaders giving guidance and encouragement. Mine provide much-needed kicks to the butt, which keep me going.

Though the year is not young, it is far from over. This means that, if you’ve spent the last few months draggin’ ass and making excuses, now is the time to turn it around. Don’t think too long on it; start with a simple plan of an hour a day dedicated to writing.

I already have my next seven projects set to roll. How about you?


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